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The department of Civil Engineering offers high-quality research and consultancy services to meet the national and global challenges.

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CRTS, CE is a leading testing laboratory in Bangladesh. We offer laboratory services in the field of Civil Engineering. Get Test Rate

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Consultancy Research and Testing Services (CRTS)

The department of Civil Engineering offers high-quality research and consultancy services to meet the national and global challenges. The department has 16 highly qualified and experienced professors and 19 PhD graduate faculties which are the principal strengths of the department. In addition, the department has a dynamic and diverse team of total 38 faculty members who have exceptional qualities in their respective field of specialization encompassing all major divisions of civil engineering. The faculty members are well trained to conduct and supervise quality research and provide consultancy services to important infrastructure development projects at national and global level. Moreover, the laboratories are also well equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. The department offers various consultancy services like surveying, design, supervision, evaluation' assessments, feasibility studies, etc. in the wide range of fields: Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Airport Engineering and water Resources Engineering.

To meet the consultancy services from the department, the Consultancy Research and Testing Services (CRTS) has been formed. CRTS undertakes research, testing and consultation works in various fields of engineering and technology as entrusted to them by private parties and by government and autonomous bodies.

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All our labs meets maximum expectations and qualities. Labs are controlled and run by well experienced faculties and staffs having vast experience in civil engineering.
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